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Our satellite dish factory is located in Izmir, Turkey on 6000 sqm area. As we have our own mould design and production facility in our factory, all of our products are formed out by our own engineering. The equipment existing in our facility is a proof of our own developped products that are in line with vaious global markets. The main equipment is, guillotine cutting machine, 400 and 250 tons of hydraulic presses, 5 pcs. of eccentric presses, 4 pcs of robotic welding equipments, 10 pcs of regular welding equipments, 3 pcs of automatic bending machines, tunnel type robotic conveyor electrostatic painting process, chemical process facility, also we produce all plastic parts by our plastic injection equipment in our factory as well. For this reason, not only the dishes, but also many supporting elements are in our production range, as well as the custom inquiries are welcome.

Eccentric presses Pipe cutting Pipe welding
Hydraulic pres (450 tons) Hydraulic pres (250 tons) Powder coating
Powder coating unit