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packing for SD60XX

On the bottom side of a 63x60x16 cm cardboard box, 10 sets of whole mounting parts for SD60XX are loaded. After a separator is put on these mounting parts, 10 pcs of SD60xx dishes are loaded on the upper side of the box. The box is closed and wire wrapped, and these boxes are loaded one top of each on the pallet by two raws and are wire wrapped once more.

packing for SD803X, SD90XX, SD154X

Packing of dishes consist of 2 pallets one top of each other. On the lower pallet, dishes are loaded. On the upper pallet, all mounting parts are loaded in cardboard boxes by 10 sets for each. Upper pallet is fixed to the lower pallet by metal parts on corners. Therefore, during unloading, metal fixing parts are removed and both pallets get free for easier transport in facility.